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All of our designs are available on all of our glassware.
Please specify which style of glassware and which type of painted design you would like in your order (specify name from our website).
All designs are hand-painted.
It is expected that there will be subtle variations in the designs from one piece to the next. We do not use machinery, stamps or stencils in the making of your creation, so you know you are recieving a one-of-a-kind hand painted work of art.

All paints used are non-toxic and food-safe. The glasses have gone through a multi-step heating process that permanently bonds the paint to the glass.

We recommend hand washing these unique pieces of art to ensure that the colors stay bright and glossy for years to come!
We do our best to provide you with prompt service and product delivery.
Please be aware that there are some circumstances that are beyond our control. Shipping services, glassware availability and paint availability are things that are not in our control. We are always seeking out the best available services and suppliers to help provide our clients with an enjoyable shopping experience.